Oh, Happy Day

Still looking for that right job, but in the mean time I’ve set up my new site and I was invited back to Seattle. My last studio there wants me to come in and work some time for them over the holidays, this is them, www.pixelfireproductions.com. I love these guys and while I’m there I’ll be looking into some careers there if at all possible. So if you’re reading this and know of some info that could help a guy out, please let me know, until then, stay animated.

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One thought on “Oh, Happy Day

  1. Hey Ed, this is very cool… a company by the name of Pole Position Auto Body is interested in a new website… http://www.polepositionautobody.com. The owner Bob Frick gave a presentation in my small business class last week a Macomb Community. He is looking for someone to help him help him design a new website. 586.775.4825 phone. Mention the small business class on Thursday, professor david castle

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