To Comment Or Not To Comment?

To Comment Or Not To Comment

To Comment Or Not To Comment

Greetings to all and thank you for visiting my blog. Now this is a thought on how I feel the general public and other creatives as well as artist should treat blogs and posts. As a motion graphics designer I deal with all types of real world clients and have to hear their criticisms on the work they ask me to complete. Although I may feel they may not know what they are talking about, they are paying my bills. Criticism is the building block of character and betterment of a person and especially an artist or any type of creative. In school we are taught to embrace this and to build off of it, if we don’t know where we went wrong how will we know not to take that direction again? I feel the need to be criticized and critiqued, I’m trying to elevate my skills as a designer to levels that only these things will help me to attain. You may or may not like my or any other designers work, but tell us WHY. Why, you may ask, because you are our potential client base and attracting you is our main goal. Even if you like the work you may see, still feel free to say so, creatives have fragile egos and the more stroking the better. As you look at a designers work don’t think of ways to tear him or her down but think of creative criticisms that the designer will appreciate and be able to understand and become better because of. So I end this by saying, “Please feel free to say what you feel and to let me know what you think of my work”, because it can only help me to become better as a designer. Thanks for your time and Stay Animated!


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