Need Some Info

12x12-LoneStarState.jpgFirst I want to thank all the people out there tuning in to me and reading my posts. Now I’m asking for a favor in return, I need all the info I can get on post production houses, design studios, and video production studios located in Dallas, Texas. I may be on the move to The Lone Star State and any info I can get on finding work there would be greatly appreciated. I’ll update as the situation becomes more clear on what’s going on, but right now just know my wife had an interview with The University of Texas Arlington and a job offer may be on it’s way, 99.9% sure of it. Again thanks for the followers and for any info you guys and gals can give me. Stay Animated!!


2 thoughts on “Need Some Info

  1. It is very rare that I meet people that are as intelligent as you. in fact the only people that I MEET THAT ARE INTELLIGENT AS YOU ARE IN THE HISTORY BOOKS. LET’S MAKE SO HISTORY, HOMEY!

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