ZBrushTestWhat’s up people? Well I’m set up and back at it, posting and working again. Have any of you out there seen this app, ZBrush? I know I’m probably late to the game and all but WOW, this is an awesome app. This is a zsphere model I’m currently working on in it’s mesh form. Since I have a Power PC MAC I’ve only been able to purchase ZBrush 2, but I’ve downloaded 3.12 for my girlfriends Dell laptop and it blows your mind away. If any of you out there have any helpful links of tutorials or learning sites please fill me in, this is an app that I want to learn more of and eventually sculpt models to animate in Cinema 4D. Thanks for any help you can contribute and remember that as designers we should always be willing to learn new apps and expand our range of personal assets. Stay Animated!!


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