Tutorials: Coming Soon!!

Yes people, I’m going to take a chance and do a few tutorials for some friends out there. I have a friend I do business with in Canada who asked me to tell him how to do some “3D Motion Tracking in Cinema 4D”. I started trying to explain it to him over the phone but of course it was something very hard to do.

So sometime this afternoon I’m going out to pick up a mic for my system and then I’m going to do my first video tutorial. Because I’ll be killing two birds with one stone, of course my first tutorial will be on “3D Motion Tracking in Cinema 4D”.

I’ll be using a few different apps to get the job done, so I’ll let you know what they will be now and again when I put out the tutorial:

– Illustrator ( For the text I’ll be using to composite )

– Icarus ( For the actual 3D motion tracking data )

– Cinema 4D ( For compositing )

– And maybe After Effects ( If I decide to use video footage and not just a pic )

I’ll also be providing a link for the app “Icarus”. It’s a free student version that works awesome, as you will see. There will be the download, for mac and windows, and a bunch of tutorials that show you how to use it, all free.

So please stay tuned and see how it turns out, I’m hoping this will help a lot of other people out there as well. As always, Stay Animated!!!


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