Update to NicksTools

New Updates and Bug Fixes

************************Mis Scripts***************************

– PF Wires: Toggles Polyframe wireframe and solid color for those sick performance gains.


– Copy Pos: Copies current transpose cordinates.

– Paste Pos: Restores copied tranpose cordinates.

– Align X,Y,Z: Snaps the start of the tranpose line to the corresponding axis.

– Grow/Shrink Line: Grows or Shrinks the transpose line by a fixed amount.


– Ctrl/Shift Toggle: Keeps Ctrl/Shift held down until the toggle is released. Used for long periods of smoothing or masking to avoid finger fatigue. Note: Unable to detect when in menus so you will need to manually turn it off when trying to use menu buttons.

***********************Batch Rename**************************

– Convert Dash 2 Underscores: converts the first hyphen in all visible subtools to a underscore. Run multiple times if there are multiple hyphens in subtools. NicksTools_v1.6_xplode



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