Allegorithmic stops ‘major numbered versions’ of its tools.

170508_AllegorithmicSubstanceUpdatesAllegorithmic is to stop releasing “major numbered versions” of its Substance products, material authoring software Substance Designer and texture painting software Substance Painter, from June 2017.

The firm’s current schedule of major annual or 18-monthly paid releases of the software, interspersed with smaller free updates, will be replaced with a continuous, more even, update cycle.

In order to keep getting new versions of the software, users will need to buy updates in 12-month blocks, or switch to Allegorithmic’s ‘rent to own’ program.

However, the firm has been at pains to stress that it is not switching to a mandatory Autodesk or Adobe-style subscription model, and that users will still own the software.

Free updates continue until the next major releases would have shipped
Owners of Indie licences of the software – that is, anyone earning under $100,000/year – will continue to receive free updates for a limited time after the new schedule comes into force in June.

Substance Painter users get them until 30 September 2017; Substance Designer users until 30 June 2018.

Under the present schedule, that’s when the next major releases – which would have been Substance Painter 3 and Substance Designer 7 – would have been expected to ship; or, in Designer’s case, a bit later.

After that, to receive further updates, users will need to buy them at a cost of $75 for 12 months’ updates – effectively, in traditional terms, to buy a maintenance plan – or switch to rent-to-own.

Full Article Here!


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