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I am a multi media designer, with proficiencies in motion graphics, video production, and 3D design. I have extensive knowledge of the innovative software programs being used in the industry including, Adobe, Cinema 4D, and ZBrush among others. The majority of my career experience has involved motion graphics, with my work appearing in Times Square for big brand companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble, and Duane Reade, while I've also been responsible for the creation of over 400 motion graphics commercials while working for The Axxcess Group in Dallas TX, as well as Lionshare Media in Carmel CA. In my current position as a Motion Graphics Designer for The Credit Union of Texas, I'm responsible for all content creation and management for all of the TVs in our store locations.

Redbeard Tutorials 30% off!


Hello hello!

Ever heard of OTHER Cyber Monday? Well, you have now! Because it’s today Redbeard-ites! So that means all of my courses are 30% off for 24 hours starting right now this very minute.

For any newbies – The Intro Course!

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Or if you just want to give better high fives – the Hand Tutorial!

As the year comes to a close, I want to thank you for all the support you’ve thrown my way. It’s not easy balancing a side hustle with all the other stuff, but I’m trying my best to keep at it because it’s nice to connect with other artists and be in the flow of it together. Appreciate all of you, and expect new content at the beginning of next year! (You can always email me at mattthorup@gmail.com if you have ideas for tutorials you’d like to see!)


The Redbeard
Matt Thorup


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C4D Octane Lighting Essentials, PixelLab

I’m thrilled to introduce Octane Lighting Essentials for Cinema 4D! I have again teamed up with my friend Alessandro from Renderking. Jump start your lighting with 10 completely customizable lighting studios. Each one has a full xpresso rig so you can easily modify the lights and colors.

The exciting thing about this pack is that we are committing to monthly updates for at least one year. We will be adding new studio light setups monthly with free updates to customers. Check it out here!


This time around we are going to teach you how to create the final credits of the film Thor Ragnarok and Fury of Titans, this sequence shows us nebulae, galaxies and constellations. Creating these images in 3d is very complicated, since we need resolutions higher than 4k. The most outstanding thing is that we can recreate these in cinema 4d, this effect you will only find it here. b64403a9-6c6a-4324-8a2b-310361e09b51

Danny Mac’s long awaited “Hair Tutorial” for ZBrush

danny-mac-thumbyoutubeBonus package is available straight away on Gumroad:


Bonus package is available half price on Patreon BUT will only be available at the beginning of next month (due to Patreons billing system) Select $6 for bonus package:


All Patrons, regardless of tier, will be gifted the hair brush used in the tutorial. The hair brush will be explained in part 2 of this tutorial series

Bonus Package include:
-All tutorials in series
-Hair Brush
-Hair Mesh
-Reference Guide
+free updates

Note: Patreon is not yet fully launched

Video HERE!