Fan Art Timelapse04-Panto Negro Cruz

Another fan art piece I created, from a great artist named Panto Negro Cruz, check him out here.

Timelapse video of the sculpt, here.


Fan Art Timelapse 03 – Emilie Decrock

I was finally able to get the sculpt completed, I’ll probably will be doing some more sculpts of her work just because I love the style, flow, and look so much. Check out Emilie here. The video of the time-lapse is here on YouTube, thanks for watching. Stay animated!screen-shot-2017-03-02-at-2-43-12-pm


Rank.jpgWell as promised here’s my latest update to my character. I started in ZBrush using the ZSpheres to model him and then I dropped him into Cinema 4D to dress him in the pants and shirt. Next it’s on to modeling his bag that goes on his head adding the shoes, then finally rigging him for animation. All of that I’ll be doing inside of Cinema 4D, I may take the bag back into ZBrush for some detailing, but after that, it’s on to animating. Stay tuned and Stay Animated!!

Sculpting Update

RankSculptHere’s what I’ve done so far on my character “Rank”. I’ve been going back and forth between ZBrush and Cinema 4D to get to this point. Now I’m about to start on the rest of the sculpting in ZBrush to get the final look I want for Rank. I’ve been looking at a lot of tutorials to get here but I’m still looking for some more info as well as input on how you think I’m doing. So please let me know what you think and feel on how I’m doing. I’ll be updating as I progress in my sculpting and modeling. Stay Animated!!