ArtStation Online Masterclasses – Early bird pricing ends soon


For the first time, ArtStation and Gnomon are partnering to bring you a unique opportunity to learn from industry leading artists during a global 2-week online training event!

The ArtStation Masterclasses will be held online April 2 – 16, featuring ten amazing artists as instructors.

With 1 ticket, you’ll get access to all 10 classes online – that’s over 20 hours of HD video lectures! You’ll also get exclusive access to Q&A forums where you can interact directly with the all-star lineup of master instructors during the 2 week period and continue to learn at your own pace (without instructors) for 2 weeks after that.

Early bird pricing will end on 28 Feb 2018. Get your ticket now.

ArtStation Masterclasses

Instructor lineup


Visit the ArtStation Masterclasses website for more information on the instructors, course descriptions or FAQ. Early bird tickets are available until February 28. Sign up today to join us for this exciting event!

Get your early bird ticket


DFWC4D March 1st


Our 4th DFWC4D meetup is here!

Our third meetup was alot of fun! We’re so grateful so many of you showed up despite the gas crisis and the holiday weekend. This time around we’re changing the format a little to include more interview style presentations and slightly less technical presentation. We’re also allowing for more mingle time. We’re relying on you to spread the word and bring your friends. More people means more events, prizes, and sponsorships. Our upcoming event is going to be really great and you don’t want to miss it. We’re flying in some amazing speakers for this event! Please join us in promoting our wonderful craft. Our fourth meetup will be Thursday, March 1st at 7:00pm at Fox and Hound Dallas.


First 10 signups get a FREE DRINK VOUCHER!

IMM Hair Card Brush, Simon Chapman, Zbrush IMM brush for placing hair cards.


Its an UV mapped IMM brush for placing hair cards. Created in 4R8 P2

Its realy useful for hair, fur, feathers and leaves. The UV layout has been set to use 4 textures to a page to allow for some variation.  I’ve included a few sample textures so you can see how it woks.

Brush contains :

     6x Single Cards

     30x Card Groups

Get it here –

NOTE – As with all UV brushes make sure the SubTool you are drawing on already has UV’s otherwise it wont work.

Kind regards


Let’s kick off this new year with some new and exciting stuff from Pablo Munoz G.


Here is this long email in a nutshell:

  • I got a late Christmas present for you
  • A new VDM brush
  • A free update to the materials pack
  • A new in-depth course on ZBrushCore
  • A compilation of more than 300 of my favourite sketches from TinyDailySketch project

And a bunch of things coming up really soon:

  • Like a full breakdown of my Moss Collector project
  • Mentorship program
  • Patreon page
  • and live streams! 

So…. in the spirit of sharing, I want to give you a late Christmas present of two materials with their render projects for ZBrush BPR (please don’t share these as they are only for the awesome people part of the ZBGs newsletter). The two materials projects are also part of a FREE update of materials I made for the ZBrush Materials Form Pack, so if you have purchased the pack before, you’ll get them with the update too:



Here is a fantastic offer for you!! Check out this Workshop from Jesse Sandifer!


After 150+ characters and 17+ years in the industry, Jesse has learned that if you can create something from a 2D concept, you’ll have a good and stable career. If you can take it further and bring it to (virtual) life, then you’ll be considered a Pro.

In this new Sculpting Characters from Concepts workshop, he’ll show you how to follow an approved concept and bring it to glorious 3D life!

“Concept” can be from your internal concept department at work or an external client who wants you to “make this”. The approach is pretty much the same and that’s what the heart of this workshop will be. (The concept is from the great Sean McNally! – Lucas Arts, Blur Studio, Blizzard, Whitemoon Dreams….and Jesse’s sculpt on the right was to show a quick mockup)

This isn’t about “tracing”, it’s about visual analysis, and using techniques to translate what you see and give them true form.

***This is purely the announcement of the workshop. He’s started this PRE-ORDER now for those interested. You pay nothing until he actually starts delivering videos. That’s kind of how this works! FEBRUARY 1, the workshop will launch! All the videos will be announced via updates made to the product page (sent via email)

In an effort to encourage you to pre-order, Jesse is going to give ONE of you a FREE copy of the workshop. So once the workshop launches, he’ll do a random pick of all the workshop members.****

Plus, signing up now for the one-time payment of $59 gives you a huuuuge discount off what will eventually be around $100+ for those who join after pre-order. Compared to other full length workshops out there, this is super cheap (trust me)….SO SIGN UP TODAY!

He’ll be releasing the videos in segments so you can all pace yourselves a bit and enjoy the process***

Check out all the juicy details on the link

Redbeard Tutorials 30% off!


Hello hello!

Ever heard of OTHER Cyber Monday? Well, you have now! Because it’s today Redbeard-ites! So that means all of my courses are 30% off for 24 hours starting right now this very minute.

For any newbies – The Intro Course!

For you not-so-newbies – Advanced course 1 or Advance course 2!

Or if you just want to give better high fives – the Hand Tutorial!

As the year comes to a close, I want to thank you for all the support you’ve thrown my way. It’s not easy balancing a side hustle with all the other stuff, but I’m trying my best to keep at it because it’s nice to connect with other artists and be in the flow of it together. Appreciate all of you, and expect new content at the beginning of next year! (You can always email me at if you have ideas for tutorials you’d like to see!)


The Redbeard
Matt Thorup