3D Character Workshop is OPEN, hosted by Shane Olson

Today is the day (as promised)! I just opened up 3D Character Workshop registration and all the juicy details you have been waiting for! 3d Character Workshop Enrollment3D Character Workshop is the exact step-by-step system to create appealing stylized game characters. No confusion. No ambiguity. Complete hand holding. Telling you EXACTLY what to do. Walking you through the entire process. I can’t wait to help you dominate with stylized characters. Interested?

Here are the juicy details

The program is only open for a limited time so I don’t get overwhelmed with students. Definitely, check it out TODAY,


How can I use Marvelous Designer in a ZBrush workflow? By Chris Gillett

3D artist Chris Gillett walks you through importing Marvelous Designer files for use in ZBrush as part of a sculpting workflow.

The strength of Marvelous Designer tends to lie in its ability to create near-photorealistic cloth simulation, and it can potentially save a lot of time and tedious effort if you learn to use it effectively. There are plenty of tutorials available online that explain how to use the software in a successful way for realistic creations.

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